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Monday, 25 February 2013 15:47

What is the singer dancing to?

Question: When I watch live bands, the singer usually dances on 3 or 6. But sometimes they are on 1 or 5. I have never seen anyone on 2. What is the preference of musicians?

Singers are most focused on

connecting with the audience and the other musicians in the band. They don't usually think about what beat they are dancing on. Many salsa singers grew up listening to the music and come from cultures where the idea of mapping 1-2-3 5-6-7 to salsa music couldn't be more foreign. They dance to whatever moves them. It could be the lyrics. It could be the bass line. It might even be that they are watching people in the audience dance and they join in to whatever they see. There is no preference for which beat to dance on. This is salsa in its purest form -- 100% natural and open to interpretation with no rules about how or when to move. Admittedly, there isn't a lot of partner dancing on the stage... and dancing with no rules is a lot easier to pull off when you're dancing solo!